Team Development

Effective teams are the key to continued success.  How many people can say that their team is truly high performing; adding value each day, trusting of each other, communicating effectively within the team and with stakeholders, aligned on their purpose and knowing how to deliver against it?

Every team is different and therefore has a unique need:- 

  • We are a new team
  • We want to raise the bar to be truly high performing
  • We have an issue
  • We have a new manager
  • Our culture is changing
  • We are a virtual team
  • We are a project team

There is only one way to meet your need, and that is to understand each person in the team and the team as a whole and to place that team in the context of the organisation. 

Each of my team development journeys starts with a diagnostic process so that we are really clear about the ‘need’ and any root cause issues that might be getting in the way.  I speak to every member of the team and ask for their insights before designing the appropriate intervention.  I may use the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team questionnaire, seen below, or perhaps a very specific individually designed interview process.  The reason for this is that you don’t want to waste your money or time by us working on the presenting issue and not the root cause.  I’ll also ask about the business context and culture to ensure that what we do is s good fit for you and unlocks long lasting change.


"There are many team development models we could follow.  What is important is to pick one that fits your teams need and your business’s culture.  Throughout the process I act as a co-pilot but ultimately the responsibility for change and the sustaining of it lies with the team."
“I want to say a very big thanks to you for your excellent preparation, disciplined facilitation of the team and me :-), as well as your positive approach, and commitment to help us move forward at pace on our journey. The team are fully engaged in the work that is needed to drive our High Performance Collaboration journey.  The conditions you’ve created and the focus you provide are a big reason for that. Look forward to the next chapter.”
— R. Carrol, VP Marketing, Wrigley