Leadership Coaching

In today’s complex, interconnecting and fast moving world it is difficult to find the time for focusing on ensuring that you are both making the most of every opportunity in work and life, that you are performing at your best and that you are happy to boot.

Every day, the demand for results increases along with the pressure to be everything to everyone.  Organisations demand that leaders functionally perform whilst at the same time, contribute to the wider business, inspirationally and successfully lead their teams to deliver results and have a handle on the wider business strategy.  It is a tall order.  And, we have not even touched on finding the time to be a great: partner, parent, son/daughter, friend. 

What about health and resilience, where do they come in?  How, in this demanding situation is it possible to find the things that are the foundation to enable you to deliver against all the rest?  And, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to fit in some sleep!

Coaching creates the time and space for a leader to reflect, gain perspective, learn and develop.  Here's Bill Gates and Eric Schmidts view on the subject.

I believe that coaching is not just about the business person, it is about the ‘whole person’.  I work with you to support your situation and help you meet your potential in all aspects.  Coaching is a collaborative journey and it is tailored to the needs of the individual.

I will work with you to agree measurable outcomes from our coaching.  We begin with an exploratory session to enable us to define the focus area and contract our ways of working.  With 16 years, commercial experience and an MSc in Executive Coaching I have the credibility and balance to work effectively with all leaders.  However, if I am not the person best suited to meet your needs, I will recommend someone else.  I am brave enough to ask challenging questions and to help clients explore areas they may have shied away from before, yet always in a supportive way.

I suggest an initial 6 sessions lasting 2 hours; in person, over the phone or skype.  I hold a belief that being coached in your office is not healthy and does not give you the best results, so my preference is to work somewhere we can go for a walk in the fresh air *.  And at any time, we can re-contract on the focus of the coaching and on the outcomes as things emerge.

My style is Relational and Person Centred, based in the Humanistic school of psychology.


*see the Articles tab of this site 'Build Resilience and Perspective with a Walk Outdoors' for more insight to this area.

"I'd be delighted to hear from you just to explore what your needs are.  Give me a call for a chat and to see if I can help."
“The leader that I am today is in part due to the time that I have spent with you. You have been instrumental for me in aligning who I am with how I lead.”
— D. Murphy, Sales Director
“Lesley has a lovely way of bravely challenging some of my assumptions, behaviours and actions that has led me on a path of further self-discovery which has allowed me to improve my leadership skills”
— Category Director

Lesley (MSc Executive Coaching)
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