Transition Coaching

“You've got big ideas and ambitions in your career, and you've done well ....... so far. But are you ready for your next move? Because your path to the top will be built step-by-step through a series of major career moves. And each time you make a change, you have the opportunity to shine or to stumble. Shine and you will be positioned for still greater things. Stumble and you may never recover.” 

Your Next Move by Michael Watkins

Transitions come in many guises; a newly promoted role, a move from one function to another, returning to work after a break or joining a new business.  And with each move comes a number of challenges; new peers, stakeholder influencing, networking, functional upskilling, politics, culture, who are you in this new role?, the list is fairly long.  Without doubt, people in transition have moments of excitement and enthusiasm initially, shortly followed by moments of ‘oh shit, I have no idea how to do this.’  Those that succeed are honest, reflect regularly, resilient and ask for help.

"Coaching can support your transition by creating the time and space to help you think through each of the challenges above and by building your self-awareness, confidence and resilience."

My transition coaching package is an initial 6 sessions of 2 hours,covering:-

  • Maximising your strengths in the new role.
  • Facing your challenges.
  • Harnessing the power of networking.
  • Building a successful team.
  • Getting a quick win.
  • Being an authentic leader.
“The impact of your coaching has meant that I have accelerated my introduction and understanding of the business. With a significant amount of business process, training & development, and wider business understanding it is a daunting task to join a company at a senior level. However you have given me the confidence in getting to grips with these things easily and I feel that I am ahead of own expectations of my development curve. I absolutely loved being coached outside. It really breaks down corporate barriers and makes for a relaxed approach to having detailed development conversations. How much more natural coaching can there be?”
— Nick, Trading Director