How many of you actually plan to get the best from a meeting?  To get a really valuable output that has an impact?

Time is precious and meetings are plentiful yet how often does a meeting actually move the needle? 

Having a facilitator can really make a difference:  Everyone gets to participate fully in the meeting, the facilitator manages energy, time, process, conflict and surfaces issues that may otherwise go unsaid.  Most importantly as a facilitator I will challenge what the purpose of the meeting is and what you want the outcome to be and I will hold myself and the participants to account to make sure we get there.

When working with clients I suggest that a facilitator is engaged early in the planning process for maximum efficieny.  It is worthwhile spending the time up front getting everyone aligned and all contributes clear on their role and desired outcome.  Clients have told me that this contributes to the success of the meeting as much as having me there, facilitating on the day.

"I have experience of running large and small internal meetings, national conferences and customer days.  If you would like more information or to discuss a meeting that you have coming up then please get in touch."
“Lesley has a natural flair for development & facilitation, strikes a critical balance between support & challenge and has the skill to work at a deeper level of intervention.”
— Gregor Thain, Vice President Global Leadership, Talent and Learning at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)
“Thank you so very much for facilitating the Asda customer meeting over the last couple of days. It made a huge difference to the outputs of day – we made more progress than we have on previous strategy meetings and I think a lot of this can be attributed to the role that you took. It also gave me some good food for thought in terms of strategy development.”
— J. Dawson, Commercial Strategy Director