“I had high expectations. You delivered”

Eddie Johnson, Group MD UK & Ireland, Keter .

“You are fabulous as a supplier – your grasp of requirements and understanding of the context is simply phenomenal. Not to mention your speed of turnaround and quality of product.”
— Alysoun Sturt-Scobie, CHRO, insight Security
“I think all SLT members who have worked with Lesley would confirm that she is an exceptional facilitator and coach and that we had an outstanding 2-day workshop with her in October.”
— Ashton Towler, CEO, Insight Security
“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks again for the Line Manager Programme you have delivered for Armitages. I felt the content of the course was great and for me personally it reminded me of what’s important in terms of being a leader within a business.
I have been through many variations of training through my career and I felt that you delivered the course and the material brilliantly. You were very aware of your audience and knew how to engage and motivate some very different characters. You definitely lived up to your purpose of ‘helping people to unlock their potential and for them to have a positive effect with others’.

I hope to work with you again in the future and I will do my utmost to keep the momentum going.”
— Sarah Smith, Finance Director, Armitage Pet Care
“It is rare that you come across someone who can understand you, your people and your organisation so rapidly & in such a personal way; these are some of Lesley’s standout qualities which were evident when I recently worked in collaboration with her on our Leadership Development Programme.
I was really impressed with Lesley’s ability to interpret a brief or concept and turn these into practical and well thought through exercises that drive improvements to individual participants and results to the wider business.
On a personal level, I found her inspirational in terms of what she has achieved both inside & outside of work…some incredible stories! Her natural coaching style has helped unlock the best out of me, challenging & stretching my thinking to the benefit of the programme.
If you are looking for someone to help unlock the talent within your organisation, I’d highly recommend Lesley and Brave Conversations”
— Jonathan Stanford, Genting Casinos
“Lesley is the best I have experienced in terms of helping you to truly understand yourself both in terms of your individual contribution as well as impact on others within a team.

Lesley has a unique style in terms of drawing out the ‘why’ behind certain behaviours, she uses her own personal examples to instil the confidence in others to expose vulnerabilities that might otherwise remain un-surfaced. She manages to do this in a safe and respectful way to truly get to the root cause. Her ability to read others as an individual or in a group dynamic is key to keep the momentum but more importantly maintain trust. Knowing when to probe further or indeed hold back is a real skill and one which Lesley exudes.

On a personal note, Lesley allowed me to really appreciate what I stand for and recognise the value I can add – in a nutshell allowed me the confidence to be me.”
— Sue, Global Category Leadership Director – Mars Food
“Our team journey has also become a key part of the onboarding process for new team members which quickly helps them to identify with what is unique about the team, what our purpose is and what we stand for. Everybody was so enthusiastic about creating reminders for our team purpose statement that surround us in the office and at home and has really given us a shared identity. You managed to facilitate the process and keep us on task without influencing the outputs which was great for our sense of ownership.”
— A. Gibson, NAM Tesco
“Lesley is an outstanding coach! Her level of integrity and ability to spot patterns of behaviour is so strong. She has great energy and passion for making a real difference. She is a real leader and goes fearlessly for things in life that many would others not entertain.”
— Craig Goldblat
“Lesley is very gifted in the area of coaching and development. She has real passion for developing both individuals and teams. This passion combined with her strong capability in diagnosing, designing and delivering training and development solutions sets her apart from others in the Learning and Development field.”
— Sara Newitt, Internal Coach, Mars UK
“It was great having you as a facilitator – you seemed intuitively “read” the team, tailoring and flexing the agenda and you really led by example. It almost felt like you were part of our team, unlike any other facilitator that I’ve worked with before. Thank you for that.”
— Paul Aikens, Head of Innovation, Weetabix
“Lesley is a brilliant human capital development coach. She is driven for results, listens to and adapts her style to her customer’s needs and applies the context effectively. I have personally gained as well from her coaching. To this day, I still apply her practical tips and advice for effective business and people leadership.”
— Antonio Hidalgo, Founder, Growthride
“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for today, it is good to talk about stuff – it was quite a downpour! But needed! I did some soul searching and you provided some clarity on why things might be connected / might have happened / I might have reacted a certain way due to this… proper connecting the dots stuff.

And thank you for providing some clarity to me on next steps. I thought it was such a good conversation and fab use of time. :-) Thanks heaps! Look forward to working with you in the coming months on this…”
— Anon, Mars Food UK
“I am always impressed by her ability to keep us focussed on business outcomes whilst ensuring the delivery is both challenging and fun. I find her style very engaging, she demonstrates great flexibility in helping the delegates get to their outcome.”
— Patrick Marr, Owner, Leading Edge
“Lesley has a natural flair for teaching & facilitation, strikes a critical balance between support & challenge and has the skill to work at a deeper level of intervention.”
— Gregor Thain, Vice President Global Leadership, Talent and Learning at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)
“Your life journey and this experience demonstrates a lot about you as a person. I am sure you learned a lot about yourself but I see a women with great courage, inner strength and determination (amongst loads of other things like you being a thoroughly nice person).”
— A. Davidson, Vice President, Alderny Chamber of Commerce
“Lesley’s support of our team development journey was critical in driving a core team vision and purpose that inspired Marketing Associates, in quickly building trust and high performing collaboration in a new team and in agreeing priority team functional and development focus areas that drove all our work – from PDP’s and objectives, to training plans, to development plans and right through to career-pathing.

The work also had a significant impact upon our team Engagement as measured by the Gallup survey.”
— Chris, Mars UK
“You give excellent, honest feedback which I really believe is meant in the right way. I know where I stand with you, and I trust that what you’re telling me is beneficial to me and my development and isn’t sugar coated – that doesn’t mean it’s not said nicely, I think the way you approach it is great.”
— Harriet, Mars UK
“You helped me through a really challenging six months of my life. I never felt like I had to pretend with you or think politically about what I was saying, which is such a luxury especially when you’re on a grad scheme and you spend so much time doing that. I felt that you really empathised with where I was and I could just speak honestly with you. I don’t think I could have made it through without you. :-)

So thanks so much and I will miss you very much!”
— Mars Graduate
“I want to say a very big thanks to you for your excellent preparation, disciplined facilitation of the team and me :-), as well as your positive approach, and commitment to help us move forward at pace on our journey. The team are fully engaged in the work that is needed to drive our High Performance Collaboration journey.  The conditions you’ve created and the focus you provide are a big reason for that. Look forward to the next chapter.”
— R. Carrol, VP Marketing, Wrigley
“Thank you so very much for facilitating the Asda customer meeting over the last couple of days. It made a huge difference to the outputs of day – we made more progress than we have on previous strategy meetings and I think a lot of this can be attributed to the role that you took. It also gave me some good food for thought in terms of strategy development.”
— J. Dawson, Commercial Strategy Director
“You hit the spot for me on so many levels. Seeing the team interacting and learning so much about each other was great. They are in a much better place as a result. Thanks also for helping to manage the situation with X, the seamless way in which it was handled helped him in what could have been a very awkward situation.”
— C. Upton, Channel Director
“I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you an fantastic day yesterday kicking off the team development journey. You did an outstanding job of putting us at ease, getting us to open on what works/and doesn’t work and articulate our purpose. I really think this journey will take this team to the next level. “
— Rosie Jackson
“Fascinating, creative, great understanding of the complexities of a diverse range of human beings, and results oriented to name a few of Lesley’s dynamic toolkit. She is an inspirational person, and it’s always a fun, constructive, and productive experience. I can highly recommend her for coaching, training, personal and business development for you and/or your team. It has been a delight working with her, and would relish the prospect of doing so again in the future.”
— Heather Lawson, Commercial Consultant
“With your coaching there is a genuine sense of desire to help the individual peel back the layers to understand themselves better and the impact they are having on themselves and those around them. Personally it helped me understand what I want to achieve in life and understand therefore what I wanted from my career and to face into the consequences of making career choices. Invaluable. I was able to move on and be happy with my choices and the impacts these would have – but helped me look forward rather than worry about what others though about my choices.”
— D. Reddings, Mars Inc
“I regularly use a different environment to get the best out of discussions with my direct reports – you taking us outside “gave me permission” to use different locations that might not normally be considered as suitable for office discussions – I have held PDP discussions 1:2:1 whilst walking on the canal tow paths.”
— I. Stafford, Mars Inc
“I just wanted to drop you a note to say how inspirational I found your talk this afternoon. You’d clearly put a lot of thought into it and your energy and passion really shone through.”

— - Alex Boyles, Lindt & Sprungli