Build Resilience and Gain Perspective with a Walk Outdoors

Let's go, right now..... Too busy?

Really? How about first thing before the demands of work? At coffee break or lunch? After that all morning meeting? With a colleague for a chat. At the weekend for some time to reflect on the week or with family looking at all nature has to offer. There’s always a way.

Walking outside has so many benefits that lead to improved quality of mental and physical health making us more resilient to the pressures of everyday life. 

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” John Muir.

Healers from Ayurveda to Chinese medicine have long advocated nature exposure as a form of medicine. I doubt Muir knew that walking changes the brain waves from a beta state of wakefulness, quick-thinking and multi-tasking to a slower alpha state more akin to deep relaxation which allows for clearer thinking, problem solving and creativity. Or, that we get more endorphins from blood flowing to the muscles and the brain through movement. However, he did know, that walking outdoors was of benefit. He is not alone. Aristotle is said to have taught as he walked while sharing and exploring ideas with his followers who became known as ‘peripatetic philosophers’. St Augustine, the 4th century philosopher is credited with the quote ‘solvitur ambulando’ – we solve it by walking. And, in more recent times both Steve Jobs and Marc Zuckerberg have been known for holding meetings while walking. 

It’s such a great feeling to get out there and feel fresh air and daylight on your skin, to warm up and loosen up (physically and metaphorically) while walking, and to enjoy watching a robin hop from branch to branch. 

The simple things in life are free.

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